Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 18 - Project Life 2013

 Here is my Project Life spread that was featured in the new, gorgeous, online first issue of  JOT Magazine. 
A really beautiful, easy to read, simple and easy layout and so appealing that I couldn't get enough. I highly recommend grabbing a coffee and have a look at this gorgeous magazine here! 

Thanks Kim for the opportunity to be a part of this. 

What a fun weekend this was to do. I had a blast catching up with old and new friends and even renewing a friendship from over 24 years ago!!

I really enjoyed doing this page. An annual scrappy 3 day retreat to Phillip Island with about 80 girls and it was a blast. It's meant to be a relaxing weekend with massages and all the meals cooked for us so we can scrap, read, craft, sleep, swim or do nothing for 3 days.
BUT, Karen and I always try and make the most of it with no children and husbands and NO interruptions, so our first night was a 4.30am finish and the second night was about 6am finish. But we were back up at 8am for breakfast and more scrapping. We don't get to do much scrapping through the year so we get as much done as we can. 

WEEK 18 Left
There were about 20 on our table and most were scrapping, doing Off The Page items or others were making hair accessories. Our rooms where we stayed were so comfortable (even though we were hardly in there) and I shared with 4 other friends.
With friends bringing (new) friends along, our group is getting bigger every year. I think there were an additional 4 or 5 girls on top of last years group. So new friends were made.
I had to take a photo of our beds when I went back to the room later on. Karen and Simone had made their beds and I hadn't. haha. Guess who was making the most of the weekend!!! Yes me! I didn't make my bed. I didn't have time!! haha

WEEK 18 Right
This is some of the girls from the table.
Simone was new this year, she is a friend of Karen's. Amy and Sue are long time friends of mine and were also new to the retreat this year.
Jodie was also a new one this year. She is a friend of Rache's.

The bottom right photo is L-R: Karen, me, Tan, Rache & Lisa. Bestest girls!!
We had the best weekend and got up to lots of silly stuff (taking timer shots of us really early in the morning on one of our late nights.)
We cannot wait for next year, especially me. 

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Pearl Maple said...

lovely page, the colours are so sweet and the white accent is the perfect touch


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