Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 19/20/21 - Project Life 2013

Ok, Now I'm trying to catch up with showing you my pages of Project Life. 

WEEK 19 - Mothers Day Week

Montana fell asleep on the couch reading her horse book.
My hair was dyed my least favourite colour by mistake!!! Argh!!
My brother came back from a 4 week trip to Thailand and so we had a slide show of his photos.

 Gorgeous presents from my babies for Mothers Day. A hand decorated mug and a 'stress kit' both made at Childcare.
A beautiful chalk drawing of herself, Shiloh the cat and me.
And kisses all round from my beautiful babies for Mothers Day. 


Lachie had his face painted at Scouts this week and looked really spooky and pale.
Montana has developed a love of hot chocolates while I'm loving Chai right now.
It was also dress up day at Childcare this week.
A day shopping with Gramma after getting her hair done. A real girlie day.

My little social butterfly had a birthday party to go to this week and caught up with her many friends. 

 WEEK 21

A day at the library.
Trying out the new Thai restaurant in town. 

I bought a typewriter off Ebay and it finally arrived.
It's starting to get really chilly and cold. But the views are amazing!
A new garden bed up at our holiday house.
Trying on a pink wig. It really suited Montana. 

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