Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week 26 - Project Life 2013

 WEEK 26 

Week 26 left
A pretty quiet week this week. With the cold weather and the Super moon I think it's creating the most gorgeous sunsets.
And it must've been good enough weather for the hot air balloons, because we saw 5 in the air at once.
Shiloh our cat must've been cold too as she decided to sleep ON TOP of poor Montana while she was sleeping. Naughty puss.
We also found out the car temperature display does go down past 0 to show - temps. 
Dad had his knee replacement surgery and a week later moved to rehab.
Montana had a birthday party at a farm.

Week 26 right
This page is all of the farm and the animals Montana just adored. She even had a go at milking a cow and got it first go.
I used some new stamps on here also. Love the camera stamp. 

I am thinking of doing some process videos to show how I work through my process. I wish there were more of these around when I first started as I just love watching them now.
Two Peas In A Bucket ( <- amy="" and="" as="" br="" bridges="" click="" fantastic="" have="" here="" i="" just="" lexi="" love="" marcy="" nbsp="" ones="" penner="" processes.="" s="" some="" tan="" to="" view="" well="">

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