Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 More Layouts...............

Birthday Photo
Daisy Bucket - Delaney PP, grossgrain ribbon

Nagging gets you everywhere!
Kaisercraft - Grunge PP and Military PP, Kraft,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Forgot to Mention....................

Scrap Therapy has received the new Basic Grey Porcelain and Marrakech lines and they are just to die for!!
Basic Grey is also the Manufacturer of the Month, so that means everything Basic Grey is on sale. Making it cheaper than anywhere I know!!

I've Finished!!!!

How happy am I??

I finished my last day of my placement for my Diploma yesterday. I am now a Qualified and can run a room in a ChildCareCentre.

After 2 years of study, with pregnancy and a newborn amongst all that, I have finally finished.
Our Graduation is next month and I am so excited.

Just wanted to share.

Some Layouts.................

Fastest Fish
Cosmo Cricket -Blankey PP and Kraft

Arent you meant to be sleeping?
Daisy D's No 9 PP, Websters Pages Lace (green), AC thickers, Cherry Arte chipboard

Obliging Aspiring Model
Sass Lass PP and alpha stickers, Fozz Felt

My Brave Boy
Sass Lass PP. Other PP unknown, AC thickers, band aids

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Favourite Pics from my Birthday........

All prettied up.........

Montana and Dad

Montana and Granma

Friday, February 13, 2009

I tried to scrap.........

How dare people do fundraisers and do it under false pretenses. How sick are those people?
They should be locked up just like the arsonists. Praying on others misfortunes.
It makes me so angry!!

It all got to me yesterday. I've been trying to stay strong for DH as he is really struggling with the whole range of events from Saturday. ie: evacuation from fires and the car accident.
He has been putting on the whole "macho" act, but it got him last night. He was silently crying while watching the telethon thing and I was doing the same on the other end of the couch. I turned and noticed he was crying and asked if he was ok. And that was it, he just broke down.
I just hugged him.

It's all getting too much.
They are bringing the burnt out cars from Steels Creek, where 8 died, past our place on the back of tow trucks and then through the main street, past the relief centre.
I wish they would go the back way and it's not that far out of the way, probably even the same distance.
Have some consideration for the family and friends of people who were in their cars when the fires hit here. And how much reminding do the poor people at the relief centre have to be given?
I think they have had their fair share of sh*t to last a lifetime.

This morning the sky is dark and smokey.
The fires are still burning in Healesville and as I write this, some have been evacuated.
I was outside about an hour ago and the air is so still and eerie. There is no wind. The smoke is over the sun making it an orange/pink.
There is not much traffic on the road.
Everything has a yellow glow over it.
The water trucks are back and forth past our house, as is the fire trucks.

I hope everyone shops at Coles today. They are donating to the fund through people spending in the store today. Not sure if it's their profit, or if it is all of their takings for today.

I asked at the school if DS (8yrs) could see the Psychologist as they offered in the newsletter. I was told last night when I enquired, that it could be up to 6 weeks before he can because they have been called up to the fire zone.
Now, I can understand there are children that were in the fires that have lost everything, maybe even friends and loved ones, and they need the psych's more urgently, but wouldn't they leave a couple in the area for the ones that were in the fires, but have no losses other than maybe friends?
We haven't lost anything personally, but we have friends that have lost homes and their lives.
It's not just the fires that had him hysterical and having nightmares, it's the car accident.
And if the school knew that their Psych was up at the fire zone, why advertise or send out a 'special' newsletter offering these services, especially when they have nothing to give you to go elsewhere or have another plan until the Psych returns.
Sorry, just having a rant.

Yesterday, I tried to scrap. I turned the TV and radio off.
I am bawling everytime I see or hear of the devastation. On top of that, I am really concerned about DH and DS.
I have been told by my friend who works for the SES, that the accident is related to the fires and I can take DH and DS down to the relief centre to see the counsellor there. Just to get the ball rolling.
Fingers crossed he will agree.

Anyway, this is the LO I tried to finish yesterday. I started it at Rache's last Friday night and never finished.
Everytime I catch up with them to scrap, all I do is talk and look at what they are doing. But that's ok with me. Those nights I catch up with them is my time. DH is home with the kids.
I am not overly happy with the end result. I think my MOJO is gone for now, considering the circumstances.

Take care everyone.

If the fire is near you, GO!
Don't try and be a hero. Get out as early as you can.
As Dermot Brereton said this morning, "this monster has no brain and no soul. It will take everything in it's path."

Till next time........



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Darker than Black Friday!

This is a photo I took when we went for a drive Sunday afternoon, heading into the Yarra Glen township where we live. The whole town was surrounded and we were blocked in on Saturday and just had to wait to see what the fires were going to do.

Well, we are thankfully all ok. We haven't lost anything in the fires, although they ended 200 metres from our house, some friends have lost everything.

I am just in tears thinking about them and all the families up the road in Kinglake who has lost their possessions as well as friends and loved ones to this tragedy.

At the moment of us being told to evacuate on Saturday, a guy rolled his car into a ditch out the front of our house and it started a grass fire. So we totally *forgot* what we were doing and ran over to help. By the time that was all under control, the CFA and police told us that it was too late, the town is surrounded and there is no way out. They had blocked/closed all the roads out of here. They said it was actually safer to stay with our homes and fight.

These fires are like nothing I have ever seen before. They just moved that fast and alot of the burnt out areas around us, the tops of the trees are green, where the bottom is black. It went through at such speed, that I am surprised that we are safe and that anyone came out of it unscathed. It was ferocious. It whistled and roared like you wouldn't believe.

I have never been so scared in my life. We were watching it come down the mountain and the paddocks. Thankfully it was stopped before it caught any houses on our street. Unfortunately, many homes further down were lost and 8 lives were taken. We are still trying and waiting to hear from friends. Where some of the friends we have had contact with have lost everything.

It is just so devastating.

If my house was bigger, I'd offer some rooms and beds. But as it is, we have a child in 2 rooms and Montana in with us. We just don't have the room.

But I am donating some baby equipment and clothes and when they are ready to rebuild the community, I will go and help with whatever I can. I can help plant some trees or help clean up. I will feel so much better if I can do something.

I am praying for all those affected.
I love my family, but right now, I love them so much more.

Til next time.......


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Busy While I've had no Internet!!

This would have to be my favourite. I love the paper and the old antique worn look it has given to the overall layout.

This one is a bit different to my 'norm'. But it was refreshing to have a go at something out of my comfort zone.

This was my first attempt at the Sketch Plan but wasn't overly happy with it. So ditched it.

Aargh! No internet and no phones and my Kaisercraft Competition Entry at Scrap Therapy

It's driving me crazy!!
I never realised how much I rely on the internet to stay in contact with people and how much I do on it. I feel cut off from the world. I hate it.
I feel so alone.......(boohoo)
I am at my parents doing a few of the things I need to do using the internet. So I thought I would post some things I have done lately. One positive thing that has come out of having no internet, (and believe me it's the only positive thing I can find!!) I have been getting alot of scrapping done.
These next 3 projects are for the
Scrap Therapy 'Scrapping With Kaisercraft' competition. It has been so much fun and there are 5 great challenges. It doesn't end till the 15th Feb. So I still have plenty of time to do the other 2 challenges.

With my OTP I didn't use all the pages that came in the packet. I took one out and added transparency sheets in between for every other second page.



Back of transparency


Back of transparency


Back of transparency

Sketch plan

Right side of Double layout

Left side of Double Layout


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