Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Daily 2013 with Lets December Daily.............

Its Christmas time!!! Time for me to start playing in my December Daily album. 
This will be my 5th album and each year I love it more and more!!! Plus we love looking back on the older ones. 
This year, because I am now doing Project Life, I've decided to do it Project Life style mixed in with a bit of my traditional styles of December Daily. 

This is what I've started with.............

 These are SOME of the embellishments I plan to use.

If you want to see the end result of the cover and the first day's pages and for more inspiration and a further look at all 4 stylists process of creating their album, pop on over to Let's December Daily...................

And check out the rest of what I have done with my cover and pages. Just click on this Project Life Pic......

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back in time......2012 December Daily

Just a little show and tell of my December Daily from last year.

A pretty simple book with covers that I made myself, painted, covered, decorated and glitzed up to be my final product. I used the colours Blue, Red, White and green.
With it only finished later on this year (as I ran out of time) it ended up being pretty simple and bare compared to all my other December Daily albums. This is my 4th album. 
The cover consisted of all things I love and use when I scrap. Doily's, paint, raw cardboard, tearing, and glass glitter.

Lots of doily love on the cover.

The papers were Fancy Pants.

I have a mix of acetate (clear transparency) pages and normal patterned papers in all differing sizes. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Do you December Daily????

If you do, or you want to, head on over to Let's December Daily for loads of inspiration and motivation from 4 different Design Team Members, with their own takes on the project.

A brief explanation of what a December Daily (what I've come to know them as) is:

A December Daily or December Documented or Document December is an album, (mini album bought or make your own) documenting the whole month of December, the events and the excitement in the lead up to Christmas and after Christmas if you like.
It can include anything you like.
*Elf on the Shelf Adventures
*School Productions and activities
*Home activities and events
*Preparation for Christmas Day
*Lots of photos and journalling
*Christmas plays
*Christmas Carols
*Christmas Shopping

So come on over and play along with us and show us your December Daily albums and ideas.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holidays are over and now Christmas!!!

Oh boy!! I need to brace myself for the next 2 months as it's going to get crazier than the past 2 months have been.

We are back from our holiday to the Gold Coast and what fun we had. SeaWorld, DreamWorld & MovieWorld, visiting friends, seeing my Nan and spending quality time with my kids, my brother and my parents. So nice!!

And the weather was just perfect!! We arrived the day after all the storms and bad winds, and the gorgeous weather stayed until the day we left. Perfect!!

We made the most of the weather and the pool and spa on the roof of the Resort apartment building.

It was lovely to see my Nan and spend a lot of time with her. This is 4 Generations of girls.

This is Henry on his first day on show to the public at Seaworld. He was the cutest little thing. 

We drove up to Brisbane and went to dinner at the Wynnum RSL and met all my gorgeous friends there, who I haven't seen in 10 years. We had the greatest time and love them and miss them all so much. 

One of my besties and I.

Another group of besties. Love these guys so much. 

A shot I love of another bestie, Ben, the kids and my brother. I used the Rhonna Designs app on my phone.

All of us, except me, at Dreamworld. 

All of us at Movie World. Except me again.

The kids got to meet Marvin and Bugs.

And Daffy.

And now that that is all over with, I am starting to get ready for the crazy busy time of Christmas, Graduation, parties, get togethers and finishing off school for the year.

I have been meaning to start a December Daily album since July (which is when I normally start one) but it's been crazy this year with the move and everything that I haven't had time to start one!!
But a gorgeous friend of mine has given me the little push and I finished the cover of my album last night.
I was tossing up whether to do it in a mini album like I have in the past 4 years or include it in my Project Life album or just do a mini Project Life album.
I've decided to do it in a mini Project Life album and I'll explain my reasons for doing so when I do my first post about my December Daily in a few days time.

It's a public holiday today in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup horse racing, so I'm going to go and get some more things crossed off my To Do list while I can.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthdays........Moving...........and a holiday!

Helllllooooooo everyone!!!

It's been a busy past month with both my childrens birthdays and my mums birthday, fathers day and NOW we are moving house next week.
So my blog is having a little hiatus for another 2 weeks or so while we move and I unpack my scrap space!!  Yay!!! After 9 years.......I will finally have a scrap space!!!! I will share when it's all set up.

Since I have been unable to scrap or Project Life I've had lots of ideas for things I want to do and share on my blog. One of them is making videos of my process of my Project Life. I love watching these videos but I think I've watched them all now. Hence why I want to have a go at making some to share my process.

And then the following week, the kids and I are headed to the Gold Coast to catch up with friends and family. We haven't been back there for 10 years and I can't wait.

So I will be talking to you soon, possibly after I've moved and relaxed on my holiday.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week 26 - Project Life 2013

 WEEK 26 

Week 26 left
A pretty quiet week this week. With the cold weather and the Super moon I think it's creating the most gorgeous sunsets.
And it must've been good enough weather for the hot air balloons, because we saw 5 in the air at once.
Shiloh our cat must've been cold too as she decided to sleep ON TOP of poor Montana while she was sleeping. Naughty puss.
We also found out the car temperature display does go down past 0 to show - temps. 
Dad had his knee replacement surgery and a week later moved to rehab.
Montana had a birthday party at a farm.

Week 26 right
This page is all of the farm and the animals Montana just adored. She even had a go at milking a cow and got it first go.
I used some new stamps on here also. Love the camera stamp. 

I am thinking of doing some process videos to show how I work through my process. I wish there were more of these around when I first started as I just love watching them now.
Two Peas In A Bucket ( <- amy="" and="" as="" br="" bridges="" click="" fantastic="" have="" here="" i="" just="" lexi="" love="" marcy="" nbsp="" ones="" penner="" processes.="" s="" some="" tan="" to="" view="" well="">

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 25 - Project Life 2013

This spread I used the Prima Believe 6x6 paper pad.

Left - A very chilly week.
Strange happenings in the skies.
Mum and dad have their kitchen removed.

 Right - Painting fun for Montana.
Even chillier this week.
Getting to see the latest PL products in real life!!!
The Super Moon.
An afternoon at the movies!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 24 - Project Life 2013

Using the Simple Stories Fab(u)lous 6x6 paper pad. I loooooved this pad.

My little social butterfly had another party this weekend. And another great catch up with friends. 
We were also up at our holiday house and Montana was helping hubby build a step for the front of our holiday house.

 Pizza making for dinner one night.
Playing on the keyboard in my bed.
Shiloh is never far from mine or Montana's side. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 22 & 23 -Project Life 2013


The weekend was a great weekend with a catch up and drinks at a friends place and we had some fun with the wigs. 

This was a quiet week other than Montana badly hitting her head that the bump was a full on blue that I have never seen before. I wish someone (other than me) took a photo of it straight away as that was when it was the unbelievable blue that no one would believe me. haha
But an hour later, you wouldn't even know there was a bump there. Unbelievable.

The weekend was a great weekend with a catch up and drinks at a friends place and we had some fun with the wigs. 


Dad's sister and my cousin came to visit from Toowoomba so we had an update of family photos together. 

Its getting colder now. Yuk!
I bought us all new warm hats. Lachie didn't want one. haha
I got my tragus pierced. 
And ThingleToodle came to work to visit.

We went for a drive to Craigs Hut, before they shut the roads for the winter season, but didn't quite make it as the road was really wet and we weren't geared up for us to get stuck. So we turned around and had a BBQ at the bottom of the mountain.

The views on the way up were stunning. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 19/20/21 - Project Life 2013

Ok, Now I'm trying to catch up with showing you my pages of Project Life. 

WEEK 19 - Mothers Day Week

Montana fell asleep on the couch reading her horse book.
My hair was dyed my least favourite colour by mistake!!! Argh!!
My brother came back from a 4 week trip to Thailand and so we had a slide show of his photos.

 Gorgeous presents from my babies for Mothers Day. A hand decorated mug and a 'stress kit' both made at Childcare.
A beautiful chalk drawing of herself, Shiloh the cat and me.
And kisses all round from my beautiful babies for Mothers Day. 


Lachie had his face painted at Scouts this week and looked really spooky and pale.
Montana has developed a love of hot chocolates while I'm loving Chai right now.
It was also dress up day at Childcare this week.
A day shopping with Gramma after getting her hair done. A real girlie day.

My little social butterfly had a birthday party to go to this week and caught up with her many friends. 

 WEEK 21

A day at the library.
Trying out the new Thai restaurant in town. 

I bought a typewriter off Ebay and it finally arrived.
It's starting to get really chilly and cold. But the views are amazing!
A new garden bed up at our holiday house.
Trying on a pink wig. It really suited Montana. 


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