Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holidays are over and now Christmas!!!

Oh boy!! I need to brace myself for the next 2 months as it's going to get crazier than the past 2 months have been.

We are back from our holiday to the Gold Coast and what fun we had. SeaWorld, DreamWorld & MovieWorld, visiting friends, seeing my Nan and spending quality time with my kids, my brother and my parents. So nice!!

And the weather was just perfect!! We arrived the day after all the storms and bad winds, and the gorgeous weather stayed until the day we left. Perfect!!

We made the most of the weather and the pool and spa on the roof of the Resort apartment building.

It was lovely to see my Nan and spend a lot of time with her. This is 4 Generations of girls.

This is Henry on his first day on show to the public at Seaworld. He was the cutest little thing. 

We drove up to Brisbane and went to dinner at the Wynnum RSL and met all my gorgeous friends there, who I haven't seen in 10 years. We had the greatest time and love them and miss them all so much. 

One of my besties and I.

Another group of besties. Love these guys so much. 

A shot I love of another bestie, Ben, the kids and my brother. I used the Rhonna Designs app on my phone.

All of us, except me, at Dreamworld. 

All of us at Movie World. Except me again.

The kids got to meet Marvin and Bugs.

And Daffy.

And now that that is all over with, I am starting to get ready for the crazy busy time of Christmas, Graduation, parties, get togethers and finishing off school for the year.

I have been meaning to start a December Daily album since July (which is when I normally start one) but it's been crazy this year with the move and everything that I haven't had time to start one!!
But a gorgeous friend of mine has given me the little push and I finished the cover of my album last night.
I was tossing up whether to do it in a mini album like I have in the past 4 years or include it in my Project Life album or just do a mini Project Life album.
I've decided to do it in a mini Project Life album and I'll explain my reasons for doing so when I do my first post about my December Daily in a few days time.

It's a public holiday today in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup horse racing, so I'm going to go and get some more things crossed off my To Do list while I can.


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