Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may it bring you happiness, health and wealth.
You should see what I got..........
Hubby said I could get one when we were looking at them today. We went to Officeworks to get ink for the printer and I was just looking at one of these. He said you can get it, cos I didn't get you much for Christmas.

They were on special for $58. I have had a little play with it, but having used it for a page yet.I'm scrapping tonight at Scrap Therapy's NYE Speed Scrapping being hosted by Cate. It looks like fun. So I may get to use it tonight!!
(We aren't doing anything for NYE. We have 3 children, one is 5 months old, so a good nights sleep I *might* get, but just being home and not having to struggle with all the kids and transport and it's not the warmest of nights either. I am happy to do that. I'm not really one to go out for NYE. I haven't done that since 1999, just before my DS was born. I am very much a homebody now and I don't mind.)

So what is everyone else up to?

Have a fun, safe night whatever you all do. I would love to hear about it.

Happy New Year!!!



Sunday, December 28, 2008

I got another one done!!!
Again using the gorgeous Webster's Pages paper.
Have I said how much I love this stuff!!! (lol)
This one I have 3D the flowers.
The journalling says:
The love you two have for each other is beautiful. All the kisses and cuddles, I know won't last long when she starts annoying her big brother. So I will cherish it and takes heaps of photos of these special moments of you two together.

Some Layouts....

Here are some layouts I got to do yesterday using my Webster's Pages paper. I love this stuff.

This one is titled 'Little Princess'

And this one is '1973'

Their papers are just gorgeous. Sometimes too pretty to cut up!! But I succumbed to it and did it. Not so much on the second one as I don't think it needed it.

Hopefully I can get back out to do some more scrapping today. Fingers crossed!!

Till next time..........



Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day!!

My brother and his girlfriend

Hubby and I

Montana with her Great Nanna

4 Generations of girls
Montana, me, mum and Nan

Pics of Christmas Morning!

Christmas Morning!!!

Opening his presents

Opening her presents

Ready to go......

Friday, December 19, 2008

Now Just Waiting For Christmas Day.........

Can you believe it!!!
I've finished all the Christmas present shopping! And all the Christmas presents I am making are almost done. I've done 3 out of 5.

And I haven't touched a layout for so long!! Well touched the papers I have gone crazy buying to scrap with. But I haven't had time. I can't wait to do a page that I have planned and is floating around in my already overflowing brain!!

All the kids presents were all picked up and wrapped last week with one little one I had to get on Monday. I am so proud of myself.
I'm glad I am done though. There is no way on the earth that I am going to any shopping centres between now and Christmas. I ran in on Monday and it was crazy. I thought it would've been ok because the kids didn't finish school until yesterday. But obviously the mums were thinking the same as me "OMG, I have to get all the presents and wrap them because the kids will be home from Thursday and I won't get to do it with them around.' I'm just glad that I didn't have to walk around finding things for people. I knew what I needed and just got it and went. And during this whole time, Montana just slept!! What an angel.

Anyway, here are the presents I have made for people. One I sent and forgot to take photos of. Bugger!

This is the calendar I did for my nan. She is
not one for clutter and pretty things and has
a small unit, so this was nice and small.

This is a book of my son I have done for
his Grandparents in Sydney. They don't
see him throughout the year (due to
the distance, so I thought I would do this
every year a run down on what he has done
(in photos) through out the year.

And these are the pics I took of Montana yesterday.
I just love them. And she is growing so quick.

She had her photo taken with Santa the other day too. I had to 'back' her in so she didn't see him. She doesn't like people with glasses and hats on. And we got the most gorgeous picture of her laughing. I will post it next time.
Until then.......

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!! Can you tell?

Christmas is coming!!! I am so excited!! Montana's first christmas. But I love christmas anyway, but even more so this year.

I have 2 more classes left, 1 more assignment to hand in and I can scrap my little heart away over the holidays. I go back to work in February, so I have plenty of scrap time between now and then. As for christmas......I've done the kids and DH's christmas shopping, my brother and parents are organised, just have to pick their presents up and the food is all organised. I feel so good this year being so with it and in control.

I've been so busy this week trying to get 21 little presents for my class mates. (I thought 18 girls in my class but it's blown to 21. How could I forget those 3!!)
I ended up modifying a bag pattern to fit largish christmas baubles in, that I had written their name on with Kindy Glitz and the year on the back. They turned out really well. I just hope they like them.

I found the little candy canes at the local shop and just thought they were gorgeous. The one on the left has a shoe on it and the one on the right has a handbag. So cute. They will be given with the bag and Christmas Bauble.

My nan and a few friends I am scrapping either an OTP album or calendar for, so that is all I have to concentrate on. There is only 5 more I have to do, so they won't take me long. Maybe one a day!!
My "Days Till Christmas" tree has been *added* to. I ended up putting on more ribbon, a star and I want to get some more buttons. I like it better now. I guess I was too scared that I would over do it and I wouldn't like it. ( I still haven't got a hook for it. mental note!!)

Well I've gotta run. Montana's feed time.
Till next time.........
PS. Don't forget to leave a message. I love reading them.


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