Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!! Can you tell?

Christmas is coming!!! I am so excited!! Montana's first christmas. But I love christmas anyway, but even more so this year.

I have 2 more classes left, 1 more assignment to hand in and I can scrap my little heart away over the holidays. I go back to work in February, so I have plenty of scrap time between now and then. As for christmas......I've done the kids and DH's christmas shopping, my brother and parents are organised, just have to pick their presents up and the food is all organised. I feel so good this year being so with it and in control.

I've been so busy this week trying to get 21 little presents for my class mates. (I thought 18 girls in my class but it's blown to 21. How could I forget those 3!!)
I ended up modifying a bag pattern to fit largish christmas baubles in, that I had written their name on with Kindy Glitz and the year on the back. They turned out really well. I just hope they like them.

I found the little candy canes at the local shop and just thought they were gorgeous. The one on the left has a shoe on it and the one on the right has a handbag. So cute. They will be given with the bag and Christmas Bauble.

My nan and a few friends I am scrapping either an OTP album or calendar for, so that is all I have to concentrate on. There is only 5 more I have to do, so they won't take me long. Maybe one a day!!
My "Days Till Christmas" tree has been *added* to. I ended up putting on more ribbon, a star and I want to get some more buttons. I like it better now. I guess I was too scared that I would over do it and I wouldn't like it. ( I still haven't got a hook for it. mental note!!)

Well I've gotta run. Montana's feed time.
Till next time.........
PS. Don't forget to leave a message. I love reading them.


mandysea said...

Oh wow Bec you are amazing!!
Love your creations!!! they look awesome!
Well done!

Kylie said...

what a great gift idea...i'm sure they will all be happy with them


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