Thursday, November 27, 2008

Here is my OTP that I swore I'd never do one again!!

Firstly, here is the Advent/Christmas Countdown tree that I bought the other day. I finished it today and had fun doing it. Although working out the numbers I needed (needing 2 number 2's etc) was a bit brain frying. So we are going to count down from 31 days till christmas.

I know it is missing the left hand side number tiles. I lost the other hook, somewhere into the great unknown. One minute it was there, and then it disappeared. Those damn elves!!
I will have to buy another one. And while I am doing that, I am going to buy a star for the top I think. It looks like it's missing something.
The kids love it.

And here is the OTP album I did.
I am happy with it. (Even though I swore off them!!)
It's for my son and he loves it.
Now I want to do one for my hubby and I am going to do one each for my girlfriends with photos of us over the years, good and bad. These will be much easier to do than a calendar each. I am only going to do a calendar for my parents. That's enough.

Gotta run. Montana is awake. She hasn't been well this past week. We went to the doctors and they are doing all these tests on her.
Has anyone had to get a urine sample from a baby girl with those bags?!! What a job.
Till next time.......


mandysea said...

wOW bECcy and look how great it is!!
You've done a fabulous job! I love it!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow your albums is fantastic you've done an awesome job.

emmmmm i can only imagine how hard it would be to get that sample....good luck there

Kwik-Kliks, Kim's Scrapbooking said...

What a fantastic album, I love it. Haven't done one myself yet but seeing ones like this gets me all inspired. TFS.

Jane Smith said...

Love your of the page stuff...I know what you mean about swearing them off (they seem to take for ever) but they look great.. love the book especially (like to see boy stuff around)..
Just letting you know I have come over from S.T. (jescrap) and that I have been lurking!! XX

Julie said...

These look great Bec.

Hope all went/goes well with getting the sample.


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