Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Woohoo!! 3 classes to go!

Not long to go now and I will be finished and qualified! It has been quite a testing past 2 years, with this past year being more testing than last. I guess with being pregnant and having baby brain during pregnancy and now that she's here my brain has been mush.
Thankfully the past 3 weeks, my brain had finally come back to me even if only for a little while, long enough to get all my work done to hand in.

I had a girlfriend come and visit while she was down from Sydney. She will be moving back to Melbourne soon, just before Christmas. I can't wait.
While she was here, I asked her to take some photos of all of us as we haven't got a whole family shot with Montana. Here are the results:

Because I have been so busy with school I haven't done much scrapping at all. After I handed in all my work last Friday, I scrapped all day Saturday. We were meant to be having a garage sale, but it was meant to be 16 and 17 degrees. I thought well, I wouldn't be out in that weather, with a storm also, so we decided to leave it till this coming weekend. Fingers crossed it's better weather.
So, my scrapping on Saturday consisted of doing another OTP. Which I know I swore off doing any more after I did Montana's which was my first one.
But because I did one for her, I had to do one for my son. So I did. I haven't taken any pics of it yet. I am almost finished. But I am really happy with it. It was easier than Montana's. But looking at Montana's I did do alot more than I needed. I added transparent pages also. But I love them both.
I guess I will be doing some more OTP albums now that I know they don't have to be so detailed and intricate as my first one.
Better go. Montana has woken up.
Till next time.....

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