Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 16 - Project Life

Well I'm finally catching up!!
After finding a perfect spot for photographing my pages I am finally catching up to our current week of Week 23.

 Week 16

Week 16 left
From a distance that top right hand photo looks like a bad photo of a cake or something. But it's actually my daughter's 'stingray' she made from a face washer floating in the bath. I had to take a photo (albeit a bad photo) of it because I thought it was very clever of her to think of doing that.
There are also some random photos of the kids and a before and after shot of our cat Shiloh who is never far away from my daughter. Even when she cries and cried from a baby, Shiloh would come running in and straight over to her 'meowing' to see if she was ok.
And a shot of the weather that week. It has felt like Winter was just dumped on us all of a sudden. No gradual easing into Winter!!

On the Sunday, I participated in a Colour Run. What a fun day that was. We only did the 5km, (but next year it's definitely the 10km) and they throw colour powder at you at stations along the way. One of the girls had to pull out at the last minute as she was so sick, so my son got to join in with us girls!
I even put in the colour band that us participators had to wear. It was such a fun event. 

Week 17 coming shortly!!!

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