Sunday, June 2, 2013

Playing Blog Catch Up.....Week 8, 9, 10 & 11 - Project Life 2013

Weeellllllll, it's been a few weeks but I've finally found THE spot to photograph my pages and not get glare!! Woohoo!!!
So here is Weeks 8 & 9 (which have been done for a but I was searching for a non glaring spot to photograph them all.)

 WEEK 8 

WEEK 8 Left
The photo of my daughter at the bottom right of this page is of her 'moustache'. She tries several times to get it in the right position and draw it on her face because last year at my sons primary school they had a day for MOVEMBER and they went to school with moustaches drawn on. 

WEEK 8 right

Retreat was the main excitement this week and thats what my two page spread consists of. And photos using my new Instax camera which was a gift from the girls at work for my birthday! I LOVE IT!


We did a trip to Portsea Pier for a swim and a fish. So thats what this weeks spread is full of. 

This week we went to Captain Americas for dinner for my brother's birthday and his girlfriend's birthday. The kids just love it there.

I took a photo of the Miller number plate for our last name.

And a photo of the number plate from Montana for my daughter. 

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Sue Ko said...

Good on you Bec, look at you go! I love how you have used some other protector designs too. I've just used two non-Design A's for a layout today - hopefully get it blogged tonight. lovely layouts :-)


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