Friday, May 10, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 7 & insert


Here is my Week 7 spread and ANOTHER visit to the Chocolate Factory because my son didn't get to go the first time. ;o)
A little mini photo shoot of my daughter and she is so easy to take photos of because she is such a poser as you can tell. 

Week 7 also involved my 40th and a party to celebrate. My dad made a makeshift timber fence paling frame that I hung from the tree so we could get photos of all the guests. We also had dress ups in a basket next to the frame in case anyone wanted to disguise themselves. Haha It was great to see so many people using them. 
Because there were so many people from all years of my life, I wanted to put on the photos the year of when I met them. Thats what all those years mean. There were old friends from over 22 years ago that I had not spoken to for almost as long because of awkward circumstances. You know, the ex boyfriends sister and unfortunately we hit it off soooooooooo well that it was hard to let go of her and her husband than my ex. ;o)

It was such a great night, even though it WAS very hot. I think it was around 38 degrees celcius. Thank goodness I made it late afternoon early evening as we waited for any cool breeze.
The cake was made by a parent from work (I am a Room Leader & Aide in a Childcare Centre) and she did a FANTASTIC job. Exactly what I wanted. Even the inside was variegated pinks like I wanted.
My husband and my brother certainly let their hair down and made use of the Karaoke machine until 2am in the morning. haha

Thanks for visiting!

I will be posting Week 8 shortly.

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