Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 17 - Project Life 2013

Now those that know me, know that I struggle working with any shade/hue/tint of purple. I guess it's been my most disliked colour since I was very young and having a cousin who was absolutely obsessed with purple. Everything she had and owned was purple.
I don't mind lilac's and mauve's depending on what the item is as those colours remind me of Granny's and old gardens.

But, with this spread I had a lot of photos of my daughter with the purple jacket on and so I just had to use those colours.
I really liked how it turned out with the mint green, blue and white accompanying the purple. 


WEEK 17 left
I actually had a bit of fun creating the Week 17 title card for this spread.  I don't own much, if anything purple, but I was on a retreat and could count on one gorgeous friend to have loads of purple. So I borrowed her purple/lilac/mauve ink pad, cut out some holes from some cardstock and used it as a stencil with the mint, blue and purple ink pads. Then I used some sequin waste for the smaller circles.
The top middle photo is of my daughter bag/case packing skills and what she thought was more important. She packed her ponies and teddies and 10 pairs of undies and socks. Hahaha
The bottom photo (I'm not sure if you can see it really well) is clouds but with a rainbow coloured cloud. I thought it was my sunglasses giving that effect, but when I took them off, the colours were still in the cloud. It was just beautiful and I've never seen anything like that before. 

 WEEK 17 Right
This side of the spread is of my husband Skyboarding. It's a bit hard to see, but thats him at the end of the arrow, up out of the water. 

Well I'm catching up!!!
Week 18 coming soon!


Bernii Miller said...

This is gorgeous and I LOVE the purple :)

Tania said...

Well for someone who does not like purple you did a great job LOVE IT :)

Colette Bate said...

ohhh, the purple with those pops of teal look fabulous, Bec!Love those tab tops and the bubble stamping on the title card! Great pictures, too! It appears that Grant is a natural at skyboarding! Fun times at the lake, huh? We used to go water skiing at a lake in Colorado that looks similar to yours. Lots of fun times with friends and family. xoxox I'm really enjoying seeing these PL layouts! You're ROCKING them!!


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