Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 18 - Project Life 2013

 Here is my Project Life spread that was featured in the new, gorgeous, online first issue of  JOT Magazine. 
A really beautiful, easy to read, simple and easy layout and so appealing that I couldn't get enough. I highly recommend grabbing a coffee and have a look at this gorgeous magazine here! 

Thanks Kim for the opportunity to be a part of this. 

What a fun weekend this was to do. I had a blast catching up with old and new friends and even renewing a friendship from over 24 years ago!!

I really enjoyed doing this page. An annual scrappy 3 day retreat to Phillip Island with about 80 girls and it was a blast. It's meant to be a relaxing weekend with massages and all the meals cooked for us so we can scrap, read, craft, sleep, swim or do nothing for 3 days.
BUT, Karen and I always try and make the most of it with no children and husbands and NO interruptions, so our first night was a 4.30am finish and the second night was about 6am finish. But we were back up at 8am for breakfast and more scrapping. We don't get to do much scrapping through the year so we get as much done as we can. 

WEEK 18 Left
There were about 20 on our table and most were scrapping, doing Off The Page items or others were making hair accessories. Our rooms where we stayed were so comfortable (even though we were hardly in there) and I shared with 4 other friends.
With friends bringing (new) friends along, our group is getting bigger every year. I think there were an additional 4 or 5 girls on top of last years group. So new friends were made.
I had to take a photo of our beds when I went back to the room later on. Karen and Simone had made their beds and I hadn't. haha. Guess who was making the most of the weekend!!! Yes me! I didn't make my bed. I didn't have time!! haha

WEEK 18 Right
This is some of the girls from the table.
Simone was new this year, she is a friend of Karen's. Amy and Sue are long time friends of mine and were also new to the retreat this year.
Jodie was also a new one this year. She is a friend of Rache's.

The bottom right photo is L-R: Karen, me, Tan, Rache & Lisa. Bestest girls!!
We had the best weekend and got up to lots of silly stuff (taking timer shots of us really early in the morning on one of our late nights.)
We cannot wait for next year, especially me. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 17 - Project Life 2013

Now those that know me, know that I struggle working with any shade/hue/tint of purple. I guess it's been my most disliked colour since I was very young and having a cousin who was absolutely obsessed with purple. Everything she had and owned was purple.
I don't mind lilac's and mauve's depending on what the item is as those colours remind me of Granny's and old gardens.

But, with this spread I had a lot of photos of my daughter with the purple jacket on and so I just had to use those colours.
I really liked how it turned out with the mint green, blue and white accompanying the purple. 


WEEK 17 left
I actually had a bit of fun creating the Week 17 title card for this spread.  I don't own much, if anything purple, but I was on a retreat and could count on one gorgeous friend to have loads of purple. So I borrowed her purple/lilac/mauve ink pad, cut out some holes from some cardstock and used it as a stencil with the mint, blue and purple ink pads. Then I used some sequin waste for the smaller circles.
The top middle photo is of my daughter bag/case packing skills and what she thought was more important. She packed her ponies and teddies and 10 pairs of undies and socks. Hahaha
The bottom photo (I'm not sure if you can see it really well) is clouds but with a rainbow coloured cloud. I thought it was my sunglasses giving that effect, but when I took them off, the colours were still in the cloud. It was just beautiful and I've never seen anything like that before. 

 WEEK 17 Right
This side of the spread is of my husband Skyboarding. It's a bit hard to see, but thats him at the end of the arrow, up out of the water. 

Well I'm catching up!!!
Week 18 coming soon!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 16 - Project Life

Well I'm finally catching up!!
After finding a perfect spot for photographing my pages I am finally catching up to our current week of Week 23.

 Week 16

Week 16 left
From a distance that top right hand photo looks like a bad photo of a cake or something. But it's actually my daughter's 'stingray' she made from a face washer floating in the bath. I had to take a photo (albeit a bad photo) of it because I thought it was very clever of her to think of doing that.
There are also some random photos of the kids and a before and after shot of our cat Shiloh who is never far away from my daughter. Even when she cries and cried from a baby, Shiloh would come running in and straight over to her 'meowing' to see if she was ok.
And a shot of the weather that week. It has felt like Winter was just dumped on us all of a sudden. No gradual easing into Winter!!

On the Sunday, I participated in a Colour Run. What a fun day that was. We only did the 5km, (but next year it's definitely the 10km) and they throw colour powder at you at stations along the way. One of the girls had to pull out at the last minute as she was so sick, so my son got to join in with us girls!
I even put in the colour band that us participators had to wear. It was such a fun event. 

Week 17 coming shortly!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blog Catch Up #2 - Week 12, 13, 14 & 15 - Project Life 2013


WEEK 12 (left)
A check up at the RCH and visiting the fish. A catch up with the Evviva Jewellery girls! 

WEEK 12 (right)
Roller Blading, a birthday party and another visit to the Chocolate Factory.

WEEK 13 

WEEK 13 (left)
EASTER at mum and dads.

 WEEK 13 (right)
Easter Hunt at Mum & Dads.

WEEK 13 (insert)
Another Easter Egg Hunt up at Bonnie Doon, getting cold and catching up with friends.

WEEK 13 (left)
Another Easter Egg Hunt up at Bonnie Doon, getting cold and catching up with friends.

WEEK 13 (right)
Catching up with friends, golf, girls night, cuddles on the couch where it's warm and progress on our cabin.


WEEK 14 (left)
An accident that would've included us if I was just a smidgen closer to the car in front which was towing the boat AND if I hadn't seen the car out of control as soon as I did and stopped.

WEEK 14 (right)
Fishing, Geocaching and the end of Daylight Savings.


WEEK 15 (left)
Learning to ride without training wheels.

 WEEK 15 (right)
Project Life'ing, Roller Blading and my latest haul. 

Playing Blog Catch Up.....Week 8, 9, 10 & 11 - Project Life 2013

Weeellllllll, it's been a few weeks but I've finally found THE spot to photograph my pages and not get glare!! Woohoo!!!
So here is Weeks 8 & 9 (which have been done for a but I was searching for a non glaring spot to photograph them all.)

 WEEK 8 

WEEK 8 Left
The photo of my daughter at the bottom right of this page is of her 'moustache'. She tries several times to get it in the right position and draw it on her face because last year at my sons primary school they had a day for MOVEMBER and they went to school with moustaches drawn on. 

WEEK 8 right

Retreat was the main excitement this week and thats what my two page spread consists of. And photos using my new Instax camera which was a gift from the girls at work for my birthday! I LOVE IT!


We did a trip to Portsea Pier for a swim and a fish. So thats what this weeks spread is full of. 

This week we went to Captain Americas for dinner for my brother's birthday and his girlfriend's birthday. The kids just love it there.

I took a photo of the Miller number plate for our last name.

And a photo of the number plate from Montana for my daughter. 


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