Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well I've done my first CT sample for Scrap The Girls, but I can't show you yet. It will have to wait.

But I have been busy last night and tonight scrapping madly.
Got mojo and have run with it.

I am really happy with the layouts I did and I had a go at the cards challenge at Scrap Therapy and I have impressed myself!! I normally don't do cards, cos I don't like the end result. But I think this time, I had to do a card for a friend who had a little boy last week so my heart was in it and it turned out nice. So did the girl card.

It's 11.30pm, so I can't take any pics of what I have scrapped.

I promise, tomorrow morning before I go and get my new 'machine' from the LSS!!!! Excited!!!!
I will tell you what it is tomorrow!!!
I am only getting it because DH has nagged me enough about getting a boat and I caved in yesterday. He went and picked it up today. Not bad, but does need alot of work and that's what he wanted.
So I will give you pics of that tomorrow too if you are interested. Maybe? I'm not really, so maybe I won't. ;o)

Till then............................


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