Thursday, April 23, 2009

My new toy!!.....and some scrapping stuff................

I know, I know. I was supposed to post what I got on the weekend, but things got a little dramatic and I totally forgot. Sorry.
Well, here it is!!
I've ummed and aahhed about getting one of these. Waying up the advantages to the price, but I finally did it and bought one.
What convinced me was, now that Montana is getting older, I would like to do board books for her with real photos instead of cartoonish or fake pictures. I want her to learn the 'real' thing. So if I have one of these, then I can do them for her.
As well as presents.
I think I have justified it to myself at least 3 times since I got, that I should get it. LOL

I received my fabulous parcel from What Is Old is New and this is what I created from one of them.

And some cards that I did for my dad to give to 2 of his customers who are sick at the moment.

So that's probably it for today.
I have to go and do my Shabby Easter for Mandy's challenge. So I will post it as soon as it's done.
Till next time.............................


mandysea said...

I love your cards.....oh and whoo hoo I bought a zutter tooo!!!
Just got to work out how to use it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bec...had to come see if you had more layouts :) Of course they and the cards are fab. I am sure you will love that little bind-it-all machine. I have it in blue and it is very nifty. by the way, I didn't know your daughter was named Montana. That is my son's name it :) Have a great day.


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