Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I love Etsy!!!

I've been blog surfing today and came across Belinda's post about her new stash!!
OMG!!! Just adorable!
Of course I had to go and have a look at what else they had. So I couldn't help myself and bought some of those and some of these
Then I went and bought these with these.
I'm a bit scared about looking at my bank balance this month. I have gone a bit nuts on purchasing scrap related things.
I will just have to find a hiding spot from DH!!

Well better run and get DS from school. I hope he is feeling better. He is at the tail end of a cold, but it always brings on his asthma, so he has had the last 2 days off school. Then while he was home, I thought I'd better get the mole on the side of his head checked. So we went to see the Doc and he decided that he wanted to do a biopsy on it there and then. What?! If I had've known, I would've prepared him a little at least. But it had to be done and I had to explain 'quickly' why.
Well...............trying to get an 8yo boy to lay down on the bed to have a local put into his mole so the Doc could cut some out is near impossible. Mind you, this poor kid has had enough needles already to last him until he is in his 20's at least. He's had 2 major surgeries on his ear, so it freaked him out a bit.
But we got it done, will a lot of bribes, so we go back on Friday to get the results. Fingers crossed.

Till next time............

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keep on scrappin said...

Hi Bec,
I just couldn't help myself, I had to check out what you bought on Etsy. They are so cute.
I hope you get good news about DS biopsy. It might have been a good thing that he did it there and then and get it over and done with before DS had too much time to think about it.
Have a great time on Sunday, I am very jealous. :)


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