Monday, May 25, 2009

Kittyrobot now have vouchers!!

Kittyrobot are a store on Etsy that make their own range of buttons. Now, they aren't your normal buttons by any means. But they are just soooooo adorable. I am in love with their shop.
I have bought from there before if you remember this post. I got the buttons and love love love them!! I haven't used any yet, because they are just so gorgeous, they need a really extra special page.
But I will make that on the top of my TO DO list to use them soon.

Anyway, they have gift vouchers now!!
What a great idea!!! I will have to tell DH, well I'd better SHOW him how to order them for me. And the great thing is they start at $5 then $10 & $20 and if you want one for a larger amount, then all you have to do is ask them.

Go and check them out!!

Oh, and they are in Australia, so you are buying Australian Made! Double bonus!!

Till next time.....................

Have fun creating!


1 comment:

mandysea said...

This LO is just super duper stunning Bec - I love its serenity!! gorgeous-smorgeous!!


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