Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy has now slowed to comfortable.............

Good Morning!! 

Yay, I am finally updating my blog AND scrapping again!!!

The past few months have been so Up and Down!

Montana had Pneumonia about 6 weeks ago, followed by a bladder infection and is now fighting her second bout of Pneumonia!!! Poor little possum is really suffering this winter.

It's been busy at work too with all the staff being sick, so I'm called in to cover.
Plus I've been training to do The Stampede!!!

How CRAZY am I!!!!
But it looks like so much fun from watching the video on last years.

In my scrapping world there have been changes also. 

Scrapware sold and they no longer have a Design Team. 

My local Scrapbooking shop closed down a week ago. That was so sad. So that design team work has come to an end. 

I haven't scrapped much at all. Except for some letters I did for  a friend last week that I loved so much that I am going to put them in my Pretty Poppies online store on Facebook. I am yet to put them in my Etsy store of the same name.

And also in the Pretty Poppies store I have my owls that I have handmade. They all have a name AND a personality.
One, Ruby,  has been donated to Bons' ride to conquer cancer auction page

So that's it for this post. I'm off to scrap!!!!
Have a great rest of the weekend!! 


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