Sunday, July 25, 2010

See you soon Pop................

25 years was not long enough to know you.
It only feels like yesterday that we found you and now you are gone.
Thanks for everything over those years and all the love you tried to squeeze into that short amount of time.
The only Pop I've ever known and the best darn one at that.
Glad you are finally out of pain and that you are again with Phyllis.

Did you tell Tana you were going?? Because she told me you were sleeping. She will miss your kisses and high 5's.
Lachie is playing his footy game today for you Pop. Black armband and all. He misses you and is sad you didn't get to see him play.

Love you forever!!


Vicki said...

Oh what a lovely tribute! He sounds like a wonderful Pop. {{Hugs}} to you & your family Bec xx

Deb said...

Big hugs, Bec. Treasure the memories and these very special photos.

Julie said...

Hey there Missy Bec. Big hugs Sweetie. Sounds like your Pop was someone very special.

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

(((hugs))) what a touching post. xx

Paper Paradise said...

Sending you a special hug, thinking of you...... x

Kim Strother said...

Hi Bec- I'm so sorry for your loss. MY prayers will be with you and your family! xoxo-Kim


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