Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is what has distracted me...................

This is Kobi!
Well it's for Kobi who is now almost 5 months old.
They're owls if you couldn't work it out.
And the other one I made for Tana when she was born.

So I've got the sewing bug at the moment.
Maybe it's a good time for me to finish one of the two quilts I started years ago and haven't touched for a while!! Might be a plan. ;o)
I really want to start making Tana some dresses. I sewed alot of Lachie's clothes when he was little, so I want to do some things for Tana.
And with Tana being a girl, all the fun things to make for her dolls!! Although she does only have 2 'my 1st doll' (which are all cloth and soft) and she is not real sure of what she is meant to do with them, I guess I could start making some things.
Have a great rest of the weekend.
Not sure what I'll be doing. Maybe sewing!!!
I did get my sleep in this morning as I got to scrap last night. But only did one layout!!!
The ideas just weren't coming to me and boy is that frustrating!!


mandysea said...

Oh my gosh girl!!!
How cute are these!! Is there NO end to your talent!!!

Julie said...

wow theae are stunning love them

Lydia said...

OMG!! Those are so adorable! Great stuff,

Maria said...

They are gorgeous. Great sitchwork.

Kim Strother said...

The owls are adorable, You can totally tell they are owls. I really need to pull out my mom's sewing machine and see itf it even works anymore??!!

Yvette Adams said...

These are awesome Bec!

Toni said...

What awesome work you do!!! luv ur shabby lo!!!


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