Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kiddie Lit...................

Well this is my page for Kiddie Lit . This month's inspiration comes from the children's book 'Charlottes Web'. I chose to scrap about the friendship between my son and daughter. I have also chosen the paper which reminds me when the baby spiders fly away on their cobweb parachutes it reminds me of the dandelion flowers which you blow. Childhood memories! ;o)

Unfortunately there is lack of participation for the blog, so I am shouting it out to everyone to have a look and have a go at their challenges. It is a great inspirational blog and if you love your children's books, you will also love the blog.
So go and have a look. And every entry this month will go into the drawing for a prize.
If you do a page, don't forget to tell them that I told you about it, if you haven't been there before.
I am working on a layout at the moment, so I will post a pic when it's done.
Have a great rest of the weekend.
Till next time..................
Get creating!!


Lean said...

Great lay-out you made.
bye bye,Lean

Julie said...

wow bec this is gorgeous.

Kimmy said...

Lovely page! Thanks for playing and for the shout out! :)

mandysea said...

Bec....just LOVELY!!!
The colours and the pic are just perfect!!


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