Monday, September 22, 2008

My Little Princess is Sleeping!! and I scrapped!

Montana had 2 daytime sleeps yesterday. It's the first time for over a week that she has done this and I think with her being sick was the reason why she wasn't sleeping. But she did yesterday and I was able to scrap!!
I bought a butterfly album and have been dying to do it. I was able to start it yesterday while she slept and while DH was home to help out if she cried or fussed.
It's the first time that I have done anything OTP other than a canvas last year. I am happy with the way it is coming along and the learning process as I go. It was also the first time that I have used Stazon on acetate. I really like the stuff but I think I need more practice with it. But it looks ok. I will post pics later.

I am so excited. I have started ordering new scrap albums I want. They are the Print Block D Ring Albums and they look like they would hold heaps more than the normal ones I have. I have to order one or two a week cos the budget (and DH) would have a fit if I ordered them in one hit, as much as I want them all NOW!! I am getting one for each member of the family as well as a family one and all in different colours so I can 'quick pick' them.
The hardest part was choosing which colour first!! I ended up going the green for the family. But then I had a phone call asking if I wanted to get 2 now as it was cheaper to post than just 1. So of course I said yes. I will just have to hide the other one for a week!!

The school holidays started last Friday and I have both the kids home. Although DD has been at her mum's since Friday and I think she is coming home today.
We haven't got much planned for the school holidays, just scrapping (both the kids love to scrap) and maybe the movies next week.
I bought some clay, 2 slabs, last school holidays for DS after his surgery and I still have 1 1/2 left over, so I may motivate them to make something. I am planning on doing a sculpture of Montana. Maybe. Possibly. I will try.

Well, gotta run. Want to scrap before Montana wakes again.

Till next time...........


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