Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Growing Up So Fast!!

My Little Monkey is growing up so fast. Well I should say my little Princess as she is just such a good baby. She was 6 weeks yesterday and boy has the time flown.
She has a little cold at the moment but still hasn't really complained or cried about it. She was irritable and yucky last weekend and is slowly getting over it. It's just the runny nose and little bit of congestion now.
But I thought I would share these pics I took yesterday and on the weekend. The cot one was taken last weekend and I just had to take a pic to remember how tiny she is in the cot.

I haven't had time to scrap at all with Montana being sick. She has been 'attached' to me since last Wednesday. She is in my arms as I write this.
Hopefully with the school holidays coming up next week, I will have 2 babysitters that can help me out with things so I can scrap.
Till next time......
B x

1 comment:

Ceci said...

Oh how precious are those photos. :)


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