Monday, July 28, 2008

She Had a Girl!!

My girlfriend had a girl!!! All through the pregnancy she had it in her mind that she was having a boy. She even said once she was born she had to ask again as she didn't believe that it was a girl. How exciting!!
My turn next and I'm just waiting impatiently!

I'm going to scrap today. I snuck to the LSS and picked up a few papers and flowers and I really want to use!! I really want to do it today and I even changed my Dr's appt from today till Wednesday so I can. But firstly I have to shoot down the street for some milk for my cuppa's while I scrap and then I can settle in. I hate nothing more than being interrupted during my scrap session.

DS is still home with me recovering. Though I wouldn't really call it that. It's more "driving me crazy". I'm doing this post early so he can hop on the PC and that will keep him quiet for the day.

I really should be doing my 2 assignments that are due this Friday, but I'm going to be strict and do it tomorrow. Well one of them was due last Friday but I didn't go to school because I had DS home. I should be on top of all these assignments now that I've finished work, but I just can't get motivated. I have had trouble getting motivated to Scrap! I've been wanting to scrap but just getting all the stuff out seems daunting.

That's it for now!
Until next time..........keep smiling (& scrapping)


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