Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Cover page & Week 1 & 2 .........

Just so you know, I am up to date with my Project Life album for this year, but didn't want to overload this post with photos, so will do a week or two every couple of days until I am up to date with my blog.
Here are some pics of the first 2 weeks of my first ever Project Life Album. 

COVER/Introductory Page
(Which I WILL be re doing as I am not happy with it. I'm off on a retreat this weekend for 3 days so this will give me plenty of time to redo some pages I'm not happy with. This being one of them.)

WEEK 1....
This spread is close to my style in scrapbooking. I did struggle at first to keep my style to my PL album, but when I am a 'layers' and 'bulky embellishments ie: Prima Flowers, I couldn't add the bulk I normally do. So it has taken me a good few weeks to find my groove and style with PL.

 WEEK 2.........
This is the first week that I played with PS and putting text directly on my photos. 

 WEEK 2 INSERT.........

So thats the start of my very first Project Life album.
I can't wait to get to retreat this weekend and start on my 2012 album. Phew! That was an effort to get it organised. I will show you my process for going back and doing an album in the future.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Been far too busy...............

Wow! October 2012 since I was last here.
Oh dear!

But I'm back!!

And doesn't my blog look just devine?? Thanks to Kellie Winnell and her creativeness.
I love my new blog!

Since October I have had very little or no time to create with paper.
I found that my family needed me *a lot* more than normal and my Scrapbooking had to take a back seat for a little while. (much to my disappointment.)
I'm sure quite a few people have had to make a decision like this at some point in their lives and later on have been able to take it back up again.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I still have very little time to scrap and our lives have gotten busier, but I think I have it a little under control that I feel I can start to play with paper again.

At the end of last year I happened to notice more people around me and on my social networks were doing Project Life!
I had first heard about it probably early last year and didn't think much about it as I was really enjoying scrapping 12x12's and some smaller sizes, getting creatively dirty and messy and being able to put my creativeness into Off The Page items.
But looking closer at it at the end of last year, I found that I can still be creative like I was before, I can still get dirty and messy with paints and mists, and it's still scrapping but in a smaller scale.
What attracted me was the minimal time it needed to get all my photos into an album and not just the special events. I really loved that. Plus I could still create with paper.

I ordered all my plastic pocket dividers from Craft House , who I must say are exceptional in their service and postage.

It took me almost 3 months to actually do something with those plastic pockets. I was a little intimidated by where to start.
With a lot of procrastinating I got stuck into the first page introducing the album, at a retreat I was on earlier in the year. And from there, my PL journey (and addiction) had begun.
It did take me a little while to find my groove and my style again, but those first few pages WILL be redone. I would like to leave them as is and be able to look back and see them for what they are. But I just can't leave them.

So that is how my journey with Project Life began.

I will be sharing my Project Life pages here, (when I can find the right light source for photographing the pages in their plastic pockets. Grrrr! Really struggling with that at the moment.)

So, welcome to my gorgeous new look blog and I look forward to sharing my pages and processes of my Project Life album.



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