Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Cover page & Week 1 & 2 .........

Just so you know, I am up to date with my Project Life album for this year, but didn't want to overload this post with photos, so will do a week or two every couple of days until I am up to date with my blog.
Here are some pics of the first 2 weeks of my first ever Project Life Album. 

COVER/Introductory Page
(Which I WILL be re doing as I am not happy with it. I'm off on a retreat this weekend for 3 days so this will give me plenty of time to redo some pages I'm not happy with. This being one of them.)

WEEK 1....
This spread is close to my style in scrapbooking. I did struggle at first to keep my style to my PL album, but when I am a 'layers' and 'bulky embellishments ie: Prima Flowers, I couldn't add the bulk I normally do. So it has taken me a good few weeks to find my groove and style with PL.

 WEEK 2.........
This is the first week that I played with PS and putting text directly on my photos. 

 WEEK 2 INSERT.........

So thats the start of my very first Project Life album.
I can't wait to get to retreat this weekend and start on my 2012 album. Phew! That was an effort to get it organised. I will show you my process for going back and doing an album in the future.



Susan Ko said...

your blog looks great Bec! and your layouts are just lovely x

Susan Ko said...

your blog looks great Bec! and your layouts are just lovely xx

justplainkate said...

Your blog looks great Bec!!
Great pages also.

Shelle said...

LOVING the blog design, and the PL pages are pretty damn good also!!

Colette Bate said...

Oh yeah! You're kick startin' my scrappy mojo with these PL pages!! Keep 'em coming!


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