Tuesday, January 17, 2012

365 +1 in 2012............

Who is participating in the taking a photo a day in 2012???

I did it last year AND completed it. Just a few near the end to add in.
I use Shuttercal.com to upload all my photos into and it was so easy. Even using the Iphone app made it so much easier to participate in.

But, this year, I wanted to have a hard copy so the kids could look through it.
So I made up these little 7gypsies book covers which are a little smaller than a 6x4 photo.

I plan on one photo per page with patterned paper on the back complimenting the opposite page's photo. On the patterned paper, I plan to journal what the photo was about, where, when and why.
So more like a story book.
I will have the day number or word on each page or photo. I haven't decided that yet.

I've been good so far even though I haven't been doing much due to a rolled ankle last week and doctors orders are REST IT!!
I was able to scrap all weekend so finished my December Daily and starting this.
I know it's going to get a lot fatter than what it is now, so may have to replace those gorgeous binding rings to larger silver ones or ribbon.
The button on the cover in the camera lens will act as an 'anchor' to hold the book shut with some elastic coming from the back cover.

Are you doing it??
How are you recording your photos??


Lisa said...

I love it! I don't think I would ever manage to finish a project like this though. Perhaps I'll do a month by month little book for each of the kids.

Kayla Renee said...

This is so awesome Bec. What a great idea and it looks fantastic!
I'm doing a 52 week album, but that's it for me this year!

Julie said...

This is gorgeous Bec. I love those rings will need to look for them out here.

365 days of photo's I'd never finish it. I did a 52 week album a few years back and that drove me nuts trying to keep up with it.


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