Monday, July 20, 2009

Our American Bulldog

I'm just posting these pics of our beautiful dog Buster for Maria to see. He is an American Bulldog (not the Johnson, I can't remember what the other type is) and is just the most gentle loving giant. He is 10 and has cancer, but you would think he is a puppy with his puppylike ways sometimes for example, tearing up a cushion he found in the shed into a million pieces all over the front lawn. He can be such a lazy boy lately with the cold weather. But he is a great guard dog and very loyal. He is also gentle and great with the kids (11months & 8 years old)


Lean said...

Hihi He is a realy pickup truck dog!!!!.No Sissy,love your pictures.Last fhoto he looks so sweet.
bye bye,Lean

mandysea said...

Ooh Becky - he's gorgeous...almost 'boxer' like arent they. I'm sorry he's got sick. He looks sooooo well!

Maria said...

Wow, he is gorgeous!!! Beautiful pictures too. Sad to hear he's got cancer.
I recognize the caracter. Nikki likes cushions too. She loves to bite the buttons of the cushions and break the zippers. But I totally love her and she is very sweet.
Nikki is a Johnson (bully) type, the other type called a Scott (classic) type. The Johnson type are generally smaller and bigger. The Scott type is more atletic and has a less flatter nose.
Groetjes, Maria


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