Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Both Mum and Baby Doing Well

Well, just over a week and both Montana and I are doing well. I am still a little tired from losing so much blood after labour and having 2 blood transfusions, but I am getting there. My ankles I can now see and name my own again after all the swelling has gone down.
Montana is doing really well. She had put on 100gms in 3 days since she was born and we left the hospital. And she was weighed again today and she has put on another 95gms. So she is doing really well.
It's surprising how much more calm and relaxed I am with her than my first born. And it really shows that I am because she is so calm and content. She hardly cries and sleeps really well. She is so adorable and cute as a button and I just love her so much. Although I was worried when I was pregnant if I could love another child as much as my first. But I do. So much. It's really not that hard.
DH has been wonderful. He has been home with me since we came home from hospital and has waited on me at every call and won't let me do much at all. He has been absolutely fantastic with Montana too. He is such a loving dad and Montana loves her Dad so much. She hears his voice and wriggles and opens her eyes to look for him. It's just beautiful what they have.
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