Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Get Shabby & Scrapping The Music...........

I'm still here!!
We have had a very busy past few weeks as I'm sure most of you have too! Tana has been sick nearly every week with a cold or gastro (I'm working here and there so I'm bringing home the germs. I work in childcare), DH was in hospital for a week, when he came out we took our new caravan up to Eildon for a few days to try it out and we love it!! And now DH is back at work, I've been working and things just fly by!! Plus I've been fulfilling my DT position at Scrap Therapy which officially starts February, but did a challenge for January to help out and practice for me as I've never been on a Forum DT. So I am super excited!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Here are some layouts I have done in the past few days.

This one is for Let's Get Shabby. My second only entry!! I have been slack. ;o)

There is a summer pic on the site for inspiration and I took from it the colours and the theme of summer for us. Everything in the layout represent something 'summer' to me. The green leaves are the bush that surrounds us, the rhinestone butterfly and crystals are the shimmering of the river water and the butterflies and dragonflies we see by the river, the green lace is the grass, the red is for the sunburn that someone gets ;0) and the clock for how the time passes so quick.

"Water Babe"
You can't really see but I have used dimensional magic for waterdrops on the flowers and the leaves as well as the water in the photo behind Tana.

This layout is my first ever entry for Scrapping The Music. Have always wanted to have a go, but have never found the time. So I found some time and here it is............
"I {heart} you so dearly"

So that is it for now.
I will be back soon with some other layouts I have done for DT's but haven't posted here.

Take care!



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